Dr. Fernando Peyrallo, GDC Number 267379

wirral dentist dr. fernando peyralloFernando Peyrallo was born in Málaga, Spain & qualified from Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid. He currently works as a GDP at Buckle Advanced Dental Care. He is the third generation of dentists in the family. Fernando is a keen pianist, having completed 6 years at The Music Academy in Spain. He loves to travel and enjoys running and trekking.

After I qualified as a dentist in Madrid in 2015, I was recommended to join the Dawson Core Curriculum as it would help me to grow as a dentist and develop a strong treatment foundation. I completed the Core Curriculum under the guidance of Dr. Buckle and Dr. Suarez Feito. This process advanced my understanding of occlusion and the stomatognathic system. I learned the value and process of taking thorough patient records for improving treatment and outcomes.

The Dawson Academy coursework has had a big impact on my daily practice and has made me more conscious of things that are often overlooked in dentistry. This has improved the success rate for my patients. Dr. Peyrallo

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