Be A Part of National Smile Month!

National Smile Month is an oral health campaign dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of good oral health and how it relates to a healthy lifestyle and good quality of life. Dr. Buckle and his associates at Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral would like to take this opportunity to remind patients that good oral hygiene and routine preventive care are the foundation of lifelong oral health!

Along with the National Smile Month Campaign, Buckle Advanced Dental Care believes in the three key components of good oral hygiene:Be A Part of National Smile Month!

  • Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, especially before going to sleep.
  • Reduce the amount of sugary foods and drinks in your daily diet, especially sodas and sweetened sports beverages.
  • Visit us for routine preventive care twice a year, or more often if it is recommended for improving oral health.

This annual dental health campaign is the perfect time to assess your own dental health and consider helping those less fortunate to learn about the benefits of a healthy smile and receive basic dental care and supplies. Dr. Buckle and the staff of Buckle Advanced Dental Care will be collecting donations throughout the month for the British Dental Health Foundation. This charitable organisation is dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life through better oral health and provides information and resource support for campaigns in the U.K. and around the globe.

Be A Part of National Smile MonthHelp us give back to our community and spread the word about how important it is to have a clean and healthy smile!

Your dental health can have a big impact on both overall health and daily quality of life. If you have been avoiding the dentist for any reason, we would like to welcome you back and work with you to address your fears and concerns while restoring a comfortable smile.

Remember to schedule a visit with your dentist at Buckle Advanced Dental Care- and take a moment during your visit to learn more about National Smile Month and how you can be a part of the solution for those who lack basic dental care.

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