Why Do I Need to Floss Daily?

We know… every time you visit the dentist for a check up you’re asked to floss more often, in fact every day. We understand that this can just feel like an extra chore, on top of everything else you do on a daily basis, but it really is that important for your dental health.

Brushing alone misses about 35% of tooth surfaces because you can’t clean effectively in between your teeth with just a toothbrush. This is why flossing is so vital: it helps to clean every area of the tooth surfaces, making sure your whole mouth is spotless. Some people may feel that cleaning 65% of the teeth will do the job just fine but here’s why it won’t…

  • Bits of food and bacteria left on that 35% of tooth surfaces can turn into plaque and can build up, causing gum disease and cavities. Plaque can also make your gums pull away from your teeth, creating pockets that fill up with bacteria. If left, this can start to destroy the bone in your jaw and eventually cause teeth to become loose and fall out.

The “annoying” chore of flossing your teeth every day really is important!

By effectively cleaning more of the tooth surfaces you will be guarding against tooth decay and gum disease and will be able to enjoy your teeth for longer.

A great tip for parents is to get children to start flossing from an early age so that they get used to it and adopt it as a lifelong habit. We often get asked at what age should children begin flossing. The answer is that as soon as two teeth touch side to side you can floss!

At Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral, we know that some people find it tricky to floss. Some of our older or younger patients don’t have the manual dexterity needed to do it and some patients just cant reach all the way back. There are plenty of different ways of flossing, whether it’s with a different product or by trying a new technique- and we can help!

Call us on 0151 353 8943 or go online to book an appointment with one of our lovely dental hygienists who’ll be able to discuss your flossing options and give you some personalized tips for keeping your smile healthy!

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