Digital Dentistry: Accurate Treatment, Comfortable Care

Digital technology has enhanced our lives in many ways, including dental care. At Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral, Dr. Ian Buckle and his associates have embraced the incorporation of digital technology into many aspects of the practice. From digital record keeping to in depth diagnostics, patients benefit from dental treatment that is less uncomfortable and more accurate.

digital dentistry liverpool UKYour visit to our Liverpool area dentist office may begin with digital radiographs, or x-rays, which greatly reduce radiation exposure while providing Dr. Buckle with high resolution, 3-D images of your entire occlusal system. This enables he and his staff to make a more accurate diagnosis and provide treatment that is designed to support a lasting, functional smile. These digital images can also be stored for future reference or shared with another specialist if necessary as part of your treatment plan.

Digital Treatment: Perfecting the Restoration Process

Digital imaging is also used to help show you what your new smile can look like after a specific type of treatment or procedure. This is especially helpful for patients considering a smile makeover, enabling a more informed decision after Dr. Buckle explains and demonstrates expected results.

When it comes to placing a dental restoration, for both cosmetic and restorative purposes, the advances in digital technology offer several key benefits for dentist and patient. Dr. Buckle use TRIOS® 3-Shape technology to take highly accurate, yet convenient and comfortable digital impressions of your teeth. NO messy trays and sticky goo! These are then sent on to the dental lab where a custom dental restoration will be made for you- one that will provide a beautiful and comfortable result that fits securely and blends with your natural smile.

Whenever possible, Dr. Buckle provides same day restorations using CEREC. This is a CAD/CAM in office technology that uses digital impressions to mill a high quality ceramic dental crown, inlay or onlay while you wait- NO temporaries and NO return visit. The entire process is relatively painless, quick and offers lasting results.

Experience the benefits of digital dentistry at Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral- you will love your comfortable new smile!

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