Digital Bite Analysis With Tekscan for TMJ Disorders

Dr. Buckle has been helping patients restore a comfortable and healthy bite at Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral through the use of advanced diagnostics and the Dawson principle of complete dentistry. Many patients come to use having endured repeated dental treatment for what seems to be “the same problem” over and over again. This is often the result of an underlying and undiagnosed bite problem.

Bite Analysis with Tekscan

liverpool Digital Bite Analysis With Tekscan for TMJ DisordersThe key to correctly diagnosing and treating a bite problem is identifying the imbalance that is putting undue pressure on the jaw joint and teeth- often through teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Dr. Buckle uses Tekscan to digitally analyse the bite force placed on each individual tooth.

T-Scan is a hand held device that patients bite down on which provides digital feedback for analysing the forces on each individual tooth. This enables Dr. Buckle to create a very personalized plan of treatment that is designed to restore a balanced and functional bite. For patients, the accuracy of diagnosis through the use of T-Scan leads to results that are comfortable and will support long term dental health.

Instead of treating the symptoms of a bite disorder, Dr. Buckle is able to address the underlying cause and effectively treat it for a better outcome. Your smile will feel more comfortable and any dentistry you receive will provide lasting results.

TMJ and Tekscan

TMJ is the common term used for a wide range of bite problems, all of which can cause similar painful symptoms and tooth damage. Tekscan enables Dr. Buckle to resolve your TMJ disorder with appropriate treatment that correctly addresses what is causing the bite to be uneven.

To restore your dental health, Dr. Buckle may recommend the use of a night guard, orthodontics or restorative dentistry to realign the teeth.

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