Dr. Ian Buckle: Leading The Way To Better Dentistry

dr. ian buckle, wirral UK dentistDr. Ian Buckle has been providing comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages for over 25 years. From the very beginning, Dr. Buckle has been committed to providing patients the highest quality of care and the best possible experience- both in the office and with lasting results. He has a natural passion for identifying the reason for a dental problem which led him to his current role as a dental educator for the Dawson Academy. Dr. Buckle currently splits his time between private practice in his Wirral family dentist office and leading BD Seminars as a mentor, teacher and director of Dawson Academy UK. This balance enables him to continually evolve his practice as new techniques learned and developed through the Dawson Academy are incorporated to benefit patients.

After meeting the founder of the Dawson Academy, Dr. Peter Dawson, and completing their curriculum on occlusion, Dr. Buckle expanded his ability as a practitioner to help patients with complex problems related to their bite. Inspired by the unique needs of his own daughter, whose medical condition resulted in congenital dental problems, he sought the expertise of leaders in various aspects of dentistry to find a solution that would provide both lifelong function and aesthetics.

Dr. Buckle strives to offer patients not only the dental care they need for a healthy smile, but to help them enjoy the quality of life that a comfortable smile offers. For many, an uneven bite or missing teeth can cause painful symptoms, make daily life more difficult and affect self confidence. At Buckle Advanced Dental Care, he and his staff take a personalized approach to each patient to make sure the dentistry recommended goes beyond just the symptoms, addressing the root cause for a lasting end result. As a professional team, they take pride in helping those with dental anxiety move forward with their dental care for life changing treatment that restores much more than function and aesthetics.

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