Custom Gum Shields For Maximum Protection

custom gum shields liverpool UKThe approaching fall weather means the start of fall sports, filling village fields with children- and adults- enjoying practises and games. Many of these sports are considered “contact sports” and carry the risk of injury to the teeth in the event of an on field collision or being hit with a flying ball. Dr. Buckle and the staff of Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral encourages patients to use a custom made gum shield when participating in contact sports.

A custom fit gum shield provides maximum protection for the teeth and the gums when compared to options readily available at your local sporting goods shoppe. It can be made to fit comfortably over orthodontics or other dental appliances. In the event of an accident, a custom gum shield will absorb some of the impact and create a barrier to prevent permanent damage such as a broken or knocked out tooth. It is important to remember that teeth do not grow back!

A custom gum shield fits comfortably and snugly over the teeth. eliminating the need to bite down or clench the jaw to keep it in place. It is also possible to drink fluids without having to remove the gum shield, making it more likely that younger athletes will use it consistently. Studies have shown that using a custom fit gum shield can even improve endurance on the field because it reduces wasted energy from jaw clenching.

Dr. Buckle or an associate in our Liverpool family dentist office will take impressions of your teeth in order to fabricate your custom gum shield, which will be made in a lab and ready to wear in about a week. Gum shields can be ordered in your favorite team colour, making it fun to wear and show your team spirit. We hope that it becomes a part of your athletic kit when you hit the field this fall.

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