Questions About Oral Hygiene? Ask The Hygienist

dental hygienist wirral dentistDo you have questions about how to keep your smile looking and feeling its best? Ask the hygienist!

Here at Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral our hygienist, Alison Huntriss, is often asked various questions about the best way to clean the teeth and gums to maintain a healthy mouth. We thought it would be helpful to cover some of the most frequently asked questions here.

Do I really need to floss daily?
In short, yes! Contrary to some of the recent news stories that have said flossing isn’t necessary, we still advise doing it once a day. The reason for this is simple; your toothbrush just can’t get to every single surface of teeth, which leaves the areas in between and at the gum line exposed to plaque build up. Imagine washing your car but not cleaning the wheels, not flossing is (almost) the same!

My gums bleed when I floss, should I stop?
Bleeding gums is usually caused by plaque build up or gum disease so if you experience this when you floss or brush it’s a sign that your oral health regime may need tweaking. This doesn’t mean you should stop flossing; it could be that you need to do it more often. As there are some other causes of bleeding gums, we would suggest booking a hygiene appointment with Alison who can provide a tailored solution for you, including tips on the best way to brush your teeth and advice on different flossing products available.

Should I use mouthwash?
Most mouthwashes contain fluoride, which offers an extra layer of protection for your teeth. However, lots of people use it after brushing and this can actually wash away the fluoride protection from your toothpaste. We advise waiting 30-60 minutes after brushing, or use your mouthwash at a different time of day, such as after lunch, for a fresh mouth boost!

If you have other questions abut your oral health, or want to check if your oral care regime needs tweaking, book an appointment with Alison, our hygienist. Just call 0151 541 0550 and our friendly reception team will be pleased to help.

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