Don’t Let Missing Teeth Stop You From Smiling!

dental implants liverpool dentistWe know what it’s like- you’ve got a big event on the horizon and however prepared you are there’s one glaring thing that is out of your control… missing teeth. Gaps in your smile can cause embarrassment and a loss of confidence, many people try to cover their mouth when they speak and some even avoid social situations altogether. At Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Thornton Hough, Wirral, we just love giving people back not only their smile but everything that goes with it.

So, how do we do that?

However the tooth (or teeth) has been lost, in many cases dental implants are the answer. This is when a titanium post is paced into the jawbone to act like an artificial root, and is then given time to heal. During the healing phase the natural bone will grow right up to the scientifically designed post, allowing it to integrate and embed tightly into the jawbone. We then place a crown on top of the post, which will look just like a normal tooth. This will have been made specifically for you in order to fit the space and match the colour of the rest of your teeth, allowing for a natural-looking replacement that is strong, hard wearing and long lasting.

Filling these gaps not only gives people back their smile, it gives them their confidence and the freedom to do simple things like eat their favourite foods again – something that can be difficult when chewing is limited due to missing teeth. It can make the difference between someone accepting an invite to a social event or not, it can even impact on career and love lives too, because a welcoming smile can portray happiness, health and confidence that is attractive to other people.

If missing teeth are holding you back, speak to us about the options we have available to help you get your smile back. Just call us on 0151 353 8943 to book an appointment.

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