Diet & Your Oral Health

Does Diet Affect Your Oral Health?

diet and oral healthThey say you are what you eat and most of us understand the definite links between diet and overall health and well being, but where do our teeth fit into all of this? As our mouths are the first body part to come into contact with the foods we eat, it seems fairly obvious that the nutritional choices we make will have an impact on our teeth.

There’s much reported about the damage sugar can cause but here at Buckle Advanced Dental Care we often find that patients don’t really know why. Our mouths contain lots of bacteria, most of which we need to maintain the balance of our oral health. However, some of these are harmful and feed on the sugars we eat. Once this happens, acids are then created that attack the enamel on our teeth, making them weak. The teeth are only in this vulnerable state for a short while because saliva cancels out this acid attack and adds minerals back into our teeth to strengthen them again. This is why foods that contain a lot of sugar are the most harmful to our teeth.

Another factor linking diet and oral health is the way that we eat. If you consider that every time you consume food it causes an acid attack, which takes the saliva time to reverse, then constant snacking can be very detrimental to our teeth and our gums. It is not uncommon to find that those suffering with dental problems are ‘grazers’, who like to steadily pick at food all day. This doesn’t give the saliva time to remineralise the teeth, preventing them from getting back to a strong state, leaving them weak and prone to cavities.

So what foods should you try to eat more of?

A nutrient-rich diets leads to better overall health, which means your body will be better equipped to fight things like gum disease if it happens. We always suggest aiming for a balanced diet, which includes dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt. These are rich in calcium and low in sugar, which makes for happy teeth! If you can’t eat dairy products there are plenty of other ways to incorporate calcium into your diet and our dentists and hygienists can offer advice on this.

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