TMJ Therapy For A Comfortable Smile

TMJ therapy with Liverpool dentist, dr. Ian BuckleHere at Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral, you know we love all things tooth related, which is why we always look to offer services that either complement good dentistry or work to solve related problems. This is why we offer TMJ therapy, which is to do with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and ensuring it is functioning correctly.

So, what’s a temporomandibular joint when it’s at home? This is the joint that links the upper and lower jaws and is what we use to open and close our mouths. The term ‘TMJ’ is actually a little broader and relates to the surrounding muscles and nerves, as well as the joint; so you can probably see that this is all vital for creating good function and overall mouth harmony.

Those who are suffering with TMJ problems probably don’t even know until it is diagnosed by their dentist as the most of symptoms are quite common such as headaches, earaches, pain in the shoulder, neck or face, and tooth grinding. These common signs of a TMJ disorder wouldn’t necessarily be initially thought of as a jaw issue.

The causes of TMJ problems are also quite wide ranging; it can stem from a trauma, arthritis, hormones, a misaligned jaw, or stress. Because of this, there are numerous different treatments that can be used to help, which is always dependent on each individual patient. This is a therapy where one size definitely does not fit all, so Dr. Buckle will put together a unique treatment plan bearing in mind all of the factors at play.

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The great thing about TMJ therapy is its ability to resolve pain that a patient may have been experiencing for some time. Getting a diagnosis and a treatment plan that really works can feel as though a huge weight has been lifted! At Buckle Advanced dental Care there’s nothing we like more than getting people out of pain, if you think you might be suffering with a TMJ disorder please call our reception team on 0151 541 0550 to book an appointment so that we can help you.

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