Teeth Whitening: Professional Care for the Best Results

teeth whitening at Wirral UK dentist officeTooth whitening– it seems to be everywhere these days. We just have to switch on the television or open a magazine and there’s our favourite celebrities sporting beautiful, whiter than white smiles. With this to aspire to, and with treatment so easily accessible and affordable, it’s little wonder than so many of us consider making our pearlies extra white. A bright white smile will boost your confidence- not to mention taking years off of your smile.

The first thing to understand about tooth whitening is that it is completely safe, as long as a qualified, trained and registered dental professional carries it out. That’s not just because we said so; by law tooth whitening is considered to be ‘the practise of dentistry’, which means those amazing high-street beauty shop special deals really are too good to be true!

Why Your Dentist Offers the Best Results

But why is this the case? Firstly, the products used to whiten the teeth are carefully restricted and dentists know exactly what should be used and how. Secondly, here at Buckle Advanced Dental Care we will always assess the health of the teeth and gums before carrying out treatment, as it will not be immediately suitable for every patient. All of this is in place to protect patients from potential harm and damage. You wouldn’t come to us to have your nails done (please don’t, we’d make a right hash of them), so why would you go to your nail technician for tooth whitening?

We love tooth whitening, it can make a big difference to a patient’s smile and confidence in a safe and gentle way. Buckle Advanced Dental Care offers advanced treatment options, including internal teeth whitening to address tooth discoloration after a root canal.

If you’re considering a whitening treatment, or have questions about whether it is suitable for you, give us a call today on 0151 541 0550 to book an appointment.

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