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Buckle Advanced Dental CareEnjoying good dental health is about more than just an aesthetically pleasing smile. The comfort and function of your bite can affect your daily quality of life, impacting your ability to eat and speak normally and confidently. At Buckle Advanced Dental Care on the Wirral, our team is led by one of the leading dentists in the treatment of occlusion, or bite problems.

Dr. Ian Buckle is highly trained in the diagnosis and treatment of bite related dental problems. An uneven, uncomfortable bite can also lead to bigger dental concerns down the road. If your teeth are not making proper contact for a variety of reasons, you are more likely to experience tooth damage, decay and even gum disease. You may be grinding or clenching your teeth, which leads to worn looking teeth as well as jaw pain and tension.

Treating TMJ Disorders

“TMJ” has become the catch-all term for bite problems and is what most patients refer to when they visit us for jaw pain, headaches, tooth pain or an uncomfortable bite. In many cases, the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), or jaw joint, is damaged, stressed or not functioning properly and is the root cause of your pain and discomfort. But there can be other factors, such as malocclusion, crooked teeth or a skeletal problem affecting the structure of the bite.

Dr. Buckle can work with you to identify the root cause of your bite problem and offer personalized, comprehensive treatment. Treating the root cause of a TMJ related disorder, not just the symptoms, is the key to a lasting result and a smile that feels as good as it looks.

Our Liverpool area family dental practice has advanced technology, utilized by a highly educated and experienced team of professionals committed to helping you enjoy your best smile.

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Does your jaw often feel “tired” or is it sometimes difficult to chew food? Do you have frequent headaches, neck or shoulder pain? You may have a TMJ related disorder. Schedule a visit at Buckle Advanced Dental Care to learn more about our treatment options and get back to enjoying a beautiful, healthy smile.

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