Treat Your Smile to A Healthy Diet

general dentist in Liverpool for tooth decayA recent poll conducted by the Oral Health Foundation has placed the Liverpool area as a leading city for both indulging in daily desserts and a high incidence of tooth decay. At Buckle Advanced Dental Care, we emphasize the importance of minimizing tooth decay and cavities with healthy habits, including reducing the amount of added sugar consumed as part of your daily diet.

We know everyone enjoys a delicious dessert, cake or cookie- who can resist while enjoying one of our most popular television shows today, the Great British Bake Off! As your dentist, we can make recommendations for minimizing your personal risk for developing tooth decay based on your lifestyle habits and overall oral health. From making healthier choices when we eat to rinsing with water after consuming sweet foods and candy, there are steps we can all take to maintain a healthy smile while still enjoying the occasional sweet treat.

The Benefits of A Healthy Diet

Eating a wide variety of foods and reducing added sugars will benefit not only your oral health but overall health and well being. In addition to helping create a suitable oral environment for the production of harmful bacteria, a diet high in sugar can also increase your risk for other health concerns such as diabetes.

During routine dental visits, our team will work with you to evaluate your personal risk of tooth decay and gum disease, common dental concerns that are often the result of a diet high in sugar. We want our dental patients to both to understand and enjoy the benefits of good oral health. Personalized patient education and an emphasis on disease prevention with routine dental care is the foundation of our family dental practice serving the Liverpool area. To help avoid more complex problems and even tooth loss, we look for the early signs of decay and gum disease during routine visits. Dr. Buckle and his associates in our Wirral dentist office offer a full range of general dental services to address all stages of tooth decay and gum disease to restore your oral health.

Enjoy the occasional indulgence for your sweet tooth, but balance your daily diet with fruits and vegetables to keep your smile healthy, reduce the risk of tooth decay and to feel your best each day. Don’t forget to schedule a visit with Dr. Buckle or your dentist at Buckle Advanced Dental Care at least twice a year to avoid the development of complex dental concerns and screen for the early signs of tooth decay.

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