Is Your Diet Affecting Your Smile?

We have all heard the saying “you are what you eat”! In fact, in many ways, this is exactly right. The nutritional value of what we choose to eat daily impacts our oral health and our overall well being. Many of the additives in our modern diet, including added sugars, provide what are known as “empty calories” that may fill us up, but do not properly fuel and support our body’s needs.

Dr. Ian Buckle and the team here at Buckle Advanced Dental Care feel that it is important to discuss the impact that diet can have on your smile as part of routine dental visits. Tooth decay, gum disease and other concerns can often be related to a diet too high in sugar. Combined with poor oral hygiene habits, this often leads to complex concerns such as periodontitis and even tooth loss. In addition, poor oral health and an unhealthy diet can significantly raise the risk of developing cardiovascular or systemic related disease.
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Eat Healthy for A Beautiful Smile

Making healthy choices will both improve the health of your smile and your physical well being. Many patients report that they feel better after making the choice to eat more fruits and vegetables in place of chips and cookies.

Feeling good on the inside can make a healthy smile look even brighter! Here are some tips for boosting your oral health and reducing the risk of tooth cavities and gum disease:

  • Drink plenty of water, especially after eating a sugary snack
  • Munch on raw carrots sticks, celery, apples and other crunchy fruits or vegetables instead of chips and pretzels
  • Exercise daily- even a brisk walk that elevates heart rate can improve your health
  • Get a good night’s sleep – feeling well rested often reduces sugar cravings throughout the day

When you visit with us, our team looks for the early signs of dental concerns and can offer more personalized oral hygiene tips for maintaining a healthy smile- and feeling good. If you have specific concerns related to your smile, discuss them with your dentist and hygienist and Buckle Advanced Dental Care.

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