How Can 3-D Printing Improve Dental Care?

Dr. Ian Buckle has always incorporated dental technology into our practice to assist in both comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning for improved accuracy and a better patient experience. We have recently added a 3-D printer and are now able to create dental models in office as part of the overall planning process. These 3-D models provide not only a multi dimensional and realistic concept for discussing a treatment plan with patients, but also supplement the use of digital imagery for better analysis of a patient’s occlusal system and overall oral health.

Dr. Buckle and his associates at Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral currently use this new technology for in office printing of dental splints, used in treating TMJ related disorders to position the bite correctly. Digital imagery and 3-D printing can enable us to provide more predictable and convenient care for our patients. We will continue to incorporate the use of 3-D printing technology as new applications develop and are proven to improve both care and results for patients. Currently, studies are being done to assess the use of 3-D printing for dental implants and other restorations.

Opening Doors with New Technology in Dentistry

Portability is a key feature and benefit of many types of technology being used in modern dental practises today. Tools such as a 3-D printer can enable patients in more remote areas to receive restorations and appliances to improve their oral health that may have been difficult to coordinate without lab access. It can also make treatment more economical for dentists and organisations striving to treat those in need of dental health care. The applications for this and other types of technology used in our dental office continue to expand along with new treatment techniques, materials and modalities.

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