Need More Reasons To Quit Smoking?

Anyone who smokes or uses tobacco has endured the lectures on how this is detrimental to overall health and can shorten your lifespan, in addition to raising cancer risks and other problems. But did you know that smoking also impacts oral health in several ways?

In addition to causing the teeth to becomes discolored or yellowed over time, smoking can also lead to a range of oral related concerns:

  • Bad breath, dry mouth: tobacco use will cause persistent bad breath and can exacerbate dry mouth that may be the result of medications or a medical condition.
  • Oral cancers: smoking greatly increases the risk of developing oral cancer affecting the throat, tongue and other soft tissues in the mouth.
  • Dulled taste buds: over time, smoking and tobacco use will dull the taste buds, making those favorite foods less enjoyable.
  • Gum disease: smoking will increase the incidence of gum disease, which has its own problems and can threaten the health of the teeth.
  • Slowed healing: people who smoke often experience slow healing of mouth sores or after a tooth extraction or invasive dental treatment.

Need More Reasons To Quit Smoking?

How Can We Help?

The dental team at Buckle Advanced Dental Care in Wirral empathizes with any of our patients who are trying to kick the smoking habit. We understand the difficulties and challenges you face and want to offer our support during the process. Let us know that you are committed to quitting during your next visit so we can discuss the benefits it will offer for the health and appearance of your smile. We can also provide some tips for dealing with cravings without creating new oral health risks such as tooth decay from eating candy.

There are some smile related treats you can give yourself when you’ve achieved a milestone in your journey to quit smoking. Schedule a teeth whitening treatment after a certain period of time- looking at your new, bright smile may be the inspiration you need to keep avoiding tobacco use or smoking. Your renewed confidence when sharing your smile can boost your spirits and reinforce your determination to stay nicotine free for life!

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