Improve Your Dental Care With The Advanced Technology

At Buckle Advanced Dental Care we are committed to revamping our office to best suit the needs of our patients. As dentistry evolved, BADC evolves right along with it.

We believe dental technology is the way of the future. It helps dentists create a more individualized treatment plan while allowing our dentists to perform procedure more efficiently than ever before.

The Benefits of Dental Technology

With dental technology, we can deliver streamlined procedure for anything from preventive dentistry to restorative treatment. Incorporating advanced dental technology into our practice is for the benefit of our patients.

Our goal is to help our patients achieve a healthier, more functional smile. By investing in the latest dental technology, we can hold true to that goal.

Modern dental technology ultimately improves the patient expereice and promote more effective treatment planning

Introducing Advanced Technolgy Into Our Dental Practice

Recently, we have incorporated the 3Shape Trios Move, 3D printer, and an in-house dental milling unit. Each technology is designed to improve the patient experience, increase the patient success rate, and allow our team to work more efficiently.

With the 3Shape Trios Move, we can display digital scans, high-resolution images, and treatment plan with our patients; this also allows us to explain all aspects of your care thoroughly, but it also allows you to picture your results before we begin treatment.

The 3Shape Trios Move takes the guesswork out of dentistry, allowing our team to build the most effective treatment plan and allowing our patients to become active partners in their dental health journey

Our in house milling unit is one of the first in the country. This state of the art technology will allow us to design and replicate custom restoration in our Wirral dentist office. Patients can receive the restorations they need faster than ever before. We also work with each patient to design restorations that blend seamlessly with their existing teeth.

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At BADC we are committed to dental excellence. Our team takes pride in staying up to date on the current methods, treatments, and technologies in dentistry. Our goal is to deliver the best that dental care has to offer.

By introducing new technology into our practice, we can deliver the results you need more efficiently than ever before. To learn more about our dental services and how dental technology can benefit you, schedule an appointment with our dentists.

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