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Healthy gums are - literally - the foundation of good oral health. But even healthy gums can cause problems when there is too much gum tissue on show.

When this occurs, our gums show when they shouldn’t, resulting in a gummy smile. While this sounds like a minor concern, the condition can be a drain on confidence and self-esteem that makes us feel reluctant to express the joy we feel inside.

The cosmetic experts at Buckle Advanced Dental Care can reduce the appearance of gummy smiles in less than an hour, using a non-invasive laser procedure.

The treatment can also be used to treat receding gums caused by gum disease and for re-contouring uneven gums.

Dentists call the process the gum lift or gum contouring. It's a quick and comfortable method of making sure your gums don't let down an otherwise perfect smile.

Laser Gum Lift

The ease with which we can apply a laser to correct gummy smiles makes this our most popular option for treatment. We use a safe, accurate laser to remove just the right amount of gum before sealing the gumline to close any pockets where bacteria live.

Surgical Gum Lift

In cases where it's not possible to use a laser to re-contour the gums, we can use traditional surgical methods and use dental sutures to seal the gums afterwards. The results are the same as laser contouring.

The Gum Lift Process

Following an in-depth consultation and assessment to make ensure you are a suitable candidate for the gum lift, we’ll invite you to our Wirral clinic to undergo the procedure.

It usually takes around 20 minutes to recontour gums using the laser and a little longer for a surgical lift. You may feel sore or tender for a few days to a week after treatment. However, any discomfort can usually be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.


Kind words from happy patients

Tom Johnson

As someone who's a bit of a wimp when it comes to needles and drills, I was pleased to discover that this is the first dental surgery I've been to where the treatment genuinely doesn't hurt - a testament to the skill and care provided by the staff. Treatment - fillings x 2, some reconstructive/aesthetic work and several hygiene appointments.

Meredith Stowers

I have nothing but good things to say about the treatment I have recieved at Buckle Advanced Dental Care over the last year. Dr. Buckle and the rest of the team are caring, knowledgable and always take the time to ensure I understand whats happening with my teeth, which really puts me at ease. Thank you!

Jane E

I would give 10 stars if I could.

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