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You've almost certainly seen veneers at work at some point - they're the magic behind many famous Hollywood smiles.

But you don't have to be an A-lister to receive this VIP treatment. Buckle Advanced Dental Care boats its very own CEREC laboratory for the production of veneers and other porcelain components. Working in-house means we can achieve a fully customised smile.

Chips, gaps, discolouration and much more - whatever the cause of lacklustre teeth, veneers can be called upon to restore, refresh and repair.

This versatile, non-invasive treatment works by covering damaged teeth with an ultra-thin porcelain layer. You can choose veneers to match the existing shade of your smile, go for an all-out dazzling smile or opt for something in between.

Why Choose Veneers?

CEREC Technology

Buckle Advanced Dental Care uses some of the most advanced technology available to achieve stunning customised results.

The centrepiece of our veneer production facility is an in-house CEREC laboratory where technicians work hand-in-hand with the dental team to ensure each veneer receives the attention to detail it deserves.

But that's not all. The CEREC laboratory also allows us to produce veneers using digital 3D scans instead of the messy putty traditionally used to create dental impressions. It's a much more pleasant experience which produces superbly accurate results in record time.

Veneers - What to Expect

Placing porcelain veneers is a simple process. Here’s what you can expect from veneers with world-leading Dr Ian Buckle and team.


We’ll first take the time to assess your overall oral health, including an in-depth bite analysis to make sure the treatment is suitable.

Bespoke treatment plan

We'll also talk with you so that we can begin building a detailed picture of your ideal smile and put together a personal treatment plan.


To place veneers and ensure a long-lasting fit, our team must make minor preparations to your teeth. To do this, we'll remove a tiny amount of the tooth's natural structure.


Once preparation is complete, we'll use the latest 3D scanning technology to create an accurate impression of your teeth. Our skilled laboratory technicians will use this to handcraft the veneers in our laboratory.


You may take home provisional veneers to wear while your final restorations are made. Once the final porcelain veneers arrive from the dental laboratory, we will check them for fit and colour before permanently bonding them in place.

Before & after

Here are a selection of our before and after case studies. To view more, click the button below to see the gallery.

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Clive’s front teeth made him feel embarrassed to smile. When he approached us to do something about it on a limited budget, we began by using digital smile design to show Clive how his new smile would look. He loved the results and we went ahead with producing a temporary prototype to make sure Clive was 100% happy. We repaired Clive’s back teeth and opened his bite to make way for his new composites. What a result!


David wanted us to restore some previous orthodontic work received elsewhere. He also had misshapen and missing teeth. We started David’s treatment with fixed braces before replacing the missing teeth with implants and restoring those which were broken. David’s orthodontic treatment was complex and lengthy - but he eventually got just the result he wanted.


Ian transformed my smile 15 years ago and my teeth look as fantastic now as they did then. Dr Buckle gave me back my confidence. With the excellent hygiene programme at the practice and regular check ups, I haven’t had a problem in all this time. Thank you Dr Buckle!


Gordon’s teeth were constantly chipping and breaking, and he wanted a budget-friendly solution. Our first job was to find out why Gordon’s teeth were so prone to wear, before finding a solution to restore both form and function using Smile Trial digital smile design technology. We also provided Gordon with a trial restoration to wear to make sure he was over the moon with the final thing.


Mark’s was finding it difficult to eat. He also felt self-conscious about his smile. And to make things even worse, his old crowns were beginning to fail. We used Smile Trial and digital planning to show Mark his new smile before starting treatment with crowns to restore his upper teeth and implants to replace his more decayed lower teeth. Mark loves the results and is now a self-confessed born-again brusher.


Gareth lost his front teeth in an accident. His remaining teeth were bighted by old fillings and general wear. He wanted to replace the missing teeth and improve the appearance of those remaining. Dr Buckle’s solution was beautiful implanted teeth accompanied by a cosmetic restoration for a radical improvement in both form and function.


Unhappy with his discoloured and crooked teeth, Andrew came to us seeking a perfect straight white smile. Following some orthodontic treatment to position his teeth perfectly we restored them handcrafted porcelain crowns and veneers. Since having the treatment, Andrew says his confidence has gone through the roof!


Dr Buckle and his team haven’t just given me my smile back, they have given me a massive boost in confidence. Smiling for photographs now is a pleasure. I used to smile with my mouth closed but now I have this biggest smile on the photo.


Sandra’s teeth were breaking down badly and she also had problems with her bite that made it difficult to chew. She had visited various dentists and a dental hospital, but no one could provide the help she needed. That was until she visited Dr Buckle, who restored Sandra’s smile with implants, crowns and composites for spectacular results.


Amy had an inherited condition which caused misshapen, misaligned teeth and had been undergoing orthodontics for 12 years without success. Amy disliked the effect her teeth had on her overall appearance, and she also had trouble breathing properly, which made it difficult to sleep. Orthognathic surgery was necessary to correct these before Dr Buckle improved Amy’s smile with orthodontics. The result is a dramatic change for Amy, with an improved facial contour and no more trouble sleeping.


Richard’s worn and broken teeth made him feel self-conscious. We determined the cause of Richard’s problems to be a poor bite and issues with his jaw joint. Dr Buckle corrected these before restoring Richard’s smile. The results are just as amazing more than a decade on.


Eve had been told surgery was the only way to correct her overbite. But with a little careful planning, Dr Buckle was able to solve the issue using fixed brace treatment. It took just ten months to achieve this amazing result for Eve.

Advanced Expertise

Our Dr Ian Buckle is among the UK’s leading cosmetic dentists and a world-leading proponent of minimally-invasive techniques. He is the educator other dentists turn to for learning advanced techniques for procedures like veneers.

In his capable hands, you can be confident of receiving the best treatment available. To talk to our team about veneers, get in touch through our contact form or call us on 0151 353 8943 to arrange a consultation.


Kind words from happy patients

Tom Johnson

As someone who's a bit of a wimp when it comes to needles and drills, I was pleased to discover that this is the first dental surgery I've been to where the treatment genuinely doesn't hurt - a testament to the skill and care provided by the staff. Treatment - fillings x 2, some reconstructive/aesthetic work and several hygiene appointments.

Meredith Stowers

I have nothing but good things to say about the treatment I have recieved at Buckle Advanced Dental Care over the last year. Dr. Buckle and the rest of the team are caring, knowledgable and always take the time to ensure I understand whats happening with my teeth, which really puts me at ease. Thank you!

Jane E

I would give 10 stars if I could.

Your Next Step

As well as being world-leading clinicians, we’re also a friendly bunch who can put you at ease no matter how nervous or anxious you may be feeling about treatment.

If you’re ready to take the next step on your journey to perfect oral health through complete dentistry. If you want to give your smile a lift that boosts your confidence and leaves you feeling amazing both inside and out - it’s time to talk to the team at Buckle Advanced Dental Care.

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