Our patients are the cornerstone of our practice. That’s why we’ve incorporated the latest technology into our practice: to make the patient experience more comfortable, our diagnosis more accurate and our treatment more precise. Dr. Ian Buckle is one of the world’s leading dentists and authorities on cosmetic and restorative dentistry. He has access to the latest technology to test and evaluate before incorporating it into his practice. Our technology improves both patient experience and clinical results. Learn more about what we do:

Digital Imaging

Advances in digital imaging make it easier and more comfortable for our dentists to capture diagnostic information about your smile. Images can be taken in seconds and instantly displayed on TV and computer monitors for better patient-dentist communication. These images can also be digitally manipulated to simulate results of a procedure without making any changes to your smile.

Digital imaging also allows us to communicate more effectively with our laboratory technicians. Treatment plans can be shared digitally for quicker turn around times in the fabrication of restorations.

TMJ / Bite Analysis

Diagnosing and treating TMJ and occlusal disorders is both an art and a science. Dr. Ian Buckle is one of the most highly trained and skilled dentists in the UK for these complex conditions. Combining his deep understanding of how the masticatory system works with the latest technology, we are able to achieve long-lasting relief for patients from pain and discomfort.

CEREC Same Day Dentistry

One of the most exciting technologies in dentistry is the use of computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). This technology allows us to design and fabricate dental crowns and porcelain veneers in a single visit. Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC same-day dentistry, allows us to provide same-day dental restorations as an economical option to restore damaged teeth in a single visit.

TRIOS® Digital Impressions

TRIOS by 3 Shape offers several benefits for both doctor and patient. Digital technology in a convenient hand-held device allows for easy and comfortable chair side impressions- no more gooey mess with impression trays. TRIOS digital technology is also used for planning dental restorations and orthodontic treatment, coordinated with a TRIOS dental lab for high quality, accurate results.

Implant Dentistry

Buckle Advanced Dental Care has a team of highly skilled dentists with advanced training to offer complete services for dental implants. Whether you need a single tooth implant or are looking for implants to secure ill-fitting dentures, we can provide you with a treatment plan to restore beauty and health to your smile.

3-D Printing

Dr. Buckle uses in office 3-D printing to create certain types of dental models and bite splints. The Formlabs machine allows our team to design and create dental models for treatment planning or customized bite splints for patients with TMJ disorders or teeth grinding.

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