3-d dental printing, wirral dentistThe field of dentistry has and continues to benefit from the advances made in digital technology. Dr. Buckle has incorporated a wide array of technologies into our practice for improving diagnostics and outcomes for our patients. We have recently added 3-D printing to the office, enhancing the ability of our team to treatment plan or offer splint therapy.

The Formlab 3-D desktop printer can create high quality, customized models based on digital images taken. Our team often uses models for evaluation and treatment planning as a means of exploring the impact a procedure can have in dentition. Models are also instrumental in communicating with patients, helping them visualize their needs and possible outcomes for better results.

Digital Dentistry in 3-D

Buckle Advanced Dental Care is a leading local dentist for the treatment of complex dental problems, specifically those associated with bite problems and malocclusion or crooked teeth. Combining our in-office digital technologies can offer a comprehensive treatment approach that is more accurate, less invasive and cost-effective while delivering highly customized results.

Using TRIOS® digital impressions and 3-D printing, our team can help patients achieve healthier, more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing smiles. The long term possibilities seem endless as these new technologies improve and are adapted for dentistry. The future of 3-D printing is supported by the advances in digital imaging and the development of new materials for creating and bonding restorations.

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