Featured Patient – Maureen

Maureen came to Buckle Advanced Dental Care with an ill fitting denture. Her quality of life had dramatically decreased and she could no longer enjoy the things she loved. We chose the teeth in an hour procedure to restore Maureen’s smile and give her back her confidence.

teeth in an hour wirral dentistteeth in an hour wirral dentist

In less than an hour, Maureen had a new, implant supported bridge to replace her existing denture. And it was all completed without any stitches!

“I was absolutely amazed. The whole appointment was finished within 40 minutes. I suffered from no pain at all and was eating full meals the next day.

I was so embarrassed by the state of my denture that I barely smiled. My confidence was affected. And I was finding it increasingly difficult to chew and taste food and had stopped enjoying meals which was really miserable. But now I feel bright and confident again. It has transformed how I feel and I can eat again without any problems.

My whole life has completely changed from the very day my new teeth were fitted. I had no pain or swelling and was even biting a sandwich for the first time in 20 years on the evening of my surgery. I look and feel fantastic. Thanks you all so much for everything you have done for me” – Maureen

Benefits of NobelGuide Teeth In An Hour

With conventional implant dentistry treatment, you have to wait for your dental implants to heal before teeth are placed. This process can take months. Buckle Advanced Dental Care uses the latest technology in implant dentistry, to give our patients the option of having dental implants placed and their permanent or temporary bridges or crowns to be fitted, all in less than 1 hour!

NobelGuide is a unique system that has lots of advantages over traditional implant dentistry treatment. Not only does it reduce the number of visits to your dentist, you also spend less time there. Best of all, there is little or no recovery time after treatment.

Teeth-in-an-hour is the perfect solution for people that have no teeth (or need to have the remaining teeth removed) in either jaw. The process is cutting edge as a CT scan is used with computer guided software to plan the implant placement and fabricate the final bridge before the surgery is even performed. This computer guided implant surgery allows for minimal intervention, a high degree of safety, and unprecedented predictability.

To learn more, visit NobelGuide here.

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