Buckle Advanced Dental Care uses the latest technology to assess the health and condition of the jaw, teeth and face. This includes diagnosis and treatment of dental headaches and facial, neck and back pains as well as the jaw joint and occlusion (the way your teeth bite together). With advances in dental technology, we are now able to objectively test for a TMJ condition and offer better treatment plans to correct it.

Dr. Ian Buckle is a highly trained and experienced dentist in this field. As the Clinical Director of the Dawson Academy UK, he trains other dentists from around the world in the fundamentals of complete dentistry and treatment of TMJ and occlusal disorders.

You may benefit from our services if you:

  • are considering implant dentistry
  • suffer from headaches or migraines
  • have any clicks or pops in your jaw
  • experience discomfort in your teeth when you chew
  • seeking cosmetic dentistry to restore aesthetics
  • have been involved in a road traffic accident
  • have experienced any trauma to your face in an accident, injury or assault
  • are suffering from pain in your face, neck and back

The physical examination and consultation are the most important aspects of the diagnostic process. The following technologies may also be used to gain a deeper understanding of the function of your masticatory system.

Joint Vibration Analysis

When joint surfaces rub together, friction occurs. This friction causes vibration. Joints that operate smoothly cause little vibration. Conversely, a high vibration reading indicates compromised joint function.

Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) is a critical tool used to evaluate the jaw joint so that we can treat your TMJ effectively. It provides a fast, non-invasive, measurement of your TMJ function. This state-of-the-art technology is quite simple to use. The patient slips on a comfortable device that looks like a pair of music headphones. In less than 10 seconds, the device records joint friction and vibration, then display a computerized image.

With JVA, we can determine current function and customize a TMJ therapy plan to restore smooth joint motion and alleviate discomfort.


Proper bite alignment is crucial to a comfortable, long lasting, healthy smile. Over 95% of TMJ dysfunction problems are due to an improper alignment of the teeth. TekScan is a critical tool in pinpointing where the problems are occurring.

TekScan allows us to evaluate how your teeth fit together by measuring the force and timing of tooth contacts. This technology produces an efficient and effective diagnose especially useful in TMJ therapy and bite correction.

TekScan is a hand held device with a waver thin sensor. You simply bite down on the sensor and the digital software records both the timing and force of the bite. This information is sent to a computer to be analyzed and integrated into the diagnosis of bite problems.

Without an advanced technology like TekScan, diagnosing TMJ disorder can be very difficult. Our team has completed extensive training and research in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders and the TekScan allows him to achieve even greater results.

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