Digital technology has transformed dentistry in many ways, providing high resolution imagery for accurate diagnosis and reducing discomfort for patients in many aspects of the treatment process. Wirral dentist, Dr. Ian Buckle has incorporated TRIOS® digital impressions into our Wirral family and cosmetic dentist office, expanding our ability to address complex dental concerns with effective and lasting treatment. This handheld device also makes the patient experience far more pleasant while delivering immediate high-resolution imagery.

Developed by 3 Shape, TRIOS® provides a range of capabilities from diagnosis to planning to the fabrication of dental restorations and even orthodontics. The TRIOS® intra oral scanner is a convenient, handheld device that takes high quality, comprehensive dental impressions while you rest comfortably in our dental chair- no more messy impression trays. The images are high resolution and able to be used immediately for diagnosis and treatment planning.

TRIOS® digital technology provides almost lifelike imaging which is highly effective when evaluating tooth position, condition and even colour. This enables your dentist to address dental health or cosmetic concerns with great accuracy and fabricate dental restorations that will have a precise fit and natural looking aesthetics.

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