Replacing a full arch or entire mouth of missing teeth can sometimes be challenging, especially if the jaw bone has begun to recede. In the past, this would exclude the use of dental implants and patients may have faced the struggles associated with poorly fitting dentures. But advances in the use of dental implants now make it possible for edentulous patients to restore a stable smile using a procedure called All On Four®.

All On Four®: How Does It Work?

Much like Teeth In An Hour, the All On Four process relies on effective treatment planning and the use of strategically placed dental implants or mini implants. As few as four implants will secure a hybrid denture for the most comfortable and life-like tooth replacement. All On Four offers several key benefits for patients:

  • Stable, secure dentures that do not fall out or slip
  • Reduces additional bone loss in the jaw to help retain your overall facial structure and appearance
  • Enables normal speech
  • You can enjoy eating the foods you love without concerns about your dental appliances
  • No need for daily adhesives

Dr. Buckle will meet with you to evaluate the condition of your dental health and discuss your goals for a new smile. Using advanced technology, our team will analyze the bone and soft tissues of your mouth and Dr. Buckle will carefully plan the number of implants needed and where they will be surgically placed. His training, experience and skill level in implant dentistry enable him to provide a new smile that will last and support your long term oral health.

Once a plan is in place, we will schedule your appointment during which the posts will be surgically implanted and a temporary over denture will be secured. You can leave our office that day with a new functional smile that will give you back your quality of life almost instantly. All On Four is often a solution for patients with ill fitting dentures, providing a permanent smile that restores confidence and improves function when eating and speaking. For many, it can be life changing.

After a few months, during which the new titanium posts will fuse with your bone tissue, you will return to our office for a new set of impressions to be used in making a final restoration. There are subtle changes that can occur in the soft tissues after the placement of implants and a second set of impressions allows for a more stable fitting denture for your permanent smile.

Advanced Implant Dentistry

Dr. Buckle uses the latest advancements in implant dentistry technology. Through 3-D digital imaging pre-treatment planning is more precise for a more predictable result. For patients with compromised bone tissue, 3-D imaging allows Dr. Buckle to optimize healthy tissue or plan strategic angling of the implants.

The Osstell ISQ for implant stability can chart the stability of the dental implant from multiple directions. This diagnostic tool helps Dr. Buckle provide the restoration as soon as the implant has successfully fused with the jaw bone. For many patients this means less healing time, and a more efficient and stable final result.

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