For a long time, dentures have been the only option for replacing a full set of missing teeth. Traditional dentures can create a number of problems for patients including looseness, sore spots, trapped food and denture slippage. They also will need to be replaced, realigned, or rebased over time and require daily maintenance that is time consuming. Dentures do not support the structure of the jaw bone and patients may experience gradual bone loss and deterioration of the structure of the jaw.

By using dental implants, we can eliminate these problems and support a natural biting force so that you can speak, chew and eat as you would with natural teeth. Dentures secured by dental implants eliminate the need for glues, adhesives, soaks or rinses and restores normal chewing function. There are no diet restrictions allowing patients to eat a healthy, balance diet.

Implant Dentures Before & After

Missing Teeth Before Implant Dentures Placed by Wirral dentist Dr. Ian Buckle After Implant Dentures Placed by Wirral dentist Dr. Ian Buckle

This patient came to our Wirral dental practice with missing teeth and an ill-fitting lower denture. Dr. Ian Buckle devised a treatment plan using two dental implants to secure the lower denture and restore better chewing function and aesthetics.

Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

  • 98% success rate of dental implants
  • Helps avoid bone loss and gum recession
  • Restores proper chewing function
  • Improves speech
  • Eliminates slippage
  • Promotes long-term facial integrity

Implant Supported Dentures Process

Dr. Buckle will perform an examination to determine if you qualify for denture implants. He will create a very specific treatment plan tailored to you and your needs. Dr. Ian Buckle and Dr. Sada offer full service dental implants under one roof. Our in -house dental implant services eliminates the need for extra trips to additional dentists and streamlines the implant process. As few as two to four dental implants will be surgically implanted into your jawbone support a denture. The implant posts are designed to fuse with the jawbone for a permanent bond that will support natural bone regeneration. After surgery, it will take anywhere.  from three to six months for the posts to completely heal.

After you are completely healed, you will return for a second surgery which will expose the implants and healing caps are attached and worn for a brief period of time. Next, we will remove the caps and attached abutments to the implants. Finally, you are ready for you denture to be permanently attached. We will educate you on how to care for your denture implants. Implant supported dentures can provide a long-lasting, reliable and stable replacement when cared for properly and will increase your confidence in eating and smiling.

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Liverpool Implant Dentistry Cost

Dental implants are an advanced restorative treatment that requires the skill and service of an experienced and well qualified dentist. The cost of implant dentistry procedures can vary widely, depending on the number of missing teeth, the condition of the bone and gums and the aesthetic goals.

Implant supported dentures are an investment and we urge patients to think beyond the financial cost to the long term benefits of dental implants which often means better long term health and quality of life.

Wirral dentist Dr. Ian Buckle offers consultations for patients who are considering dental implants. Contact our practice at 0151 353 8943 or request an appointment online.

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