Not All Dental Crowns Are Created Equal

A crown is a common type of dental restoration. Often called a tooth cap, a dental crown is used to restore teeth that are broken, chipped or affected by tooth decay. Proper treatment planning, aesthetic material and an experienced dentists are essential to ensure that the crown is a beautiful, comfortable and long lasting restoration.

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

A dental crown can be indicated in a number of situations and often used to:

Real Life Smile Transformations

Dental Crowns Before & After Wirral

Replacing Old Crowns & Metal Fillings

With older methods, dental crowns needed to have a metal foundation. As a result, many people have tell-tale, dark lines around their dental crowns. Today, we use highly durable, aesthetic, metal free materials either pure porcelain, ceramic or aesthetic reinforced resins. Metal free dental crowns blend beautifully with the existing tooth and surrounding gum for a virtually undetectable restoration.

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