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We want our patients to feel listened to. A lot of our patients say they’ve never had an examination like that before. That’s the cornerstone of our practice.

Buckle Advanced Dental Care is located in the historic village of Thornton Hough on the Wirral. We have an excellent team with some amazing dentists, but it’s the patients that are the heart of our practice. We invite new patients to experience our standard of care that goes beyond the basics to make sure your smile is healthy, comfortable and beautiful.

Welcome to Buckle Advanced Dental Care

General Dentistry for the Whole Family

In our Wirral dental practice, we provide comprehensive, general dentistry services for children and adults. New patients will receive a consultation and dental examination with the dentist. Most patients will also receive a hygiene visit on their first appointment which includes a dental cleaning. If you have complex issues or signs of gum disease, you may be rescheduled for a follow up hygiene visit to accommodate your needs.

A new patient appointment generally lasts 45 minutes and includes:

  • Consultation with the dentist
  • Dental examination and periodontal charting
  • Dental x-rays (as needed)
  • Screening for tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer
  • Bite analysis
  • Smile assessment

Your dentist will recommend a schedule of hygiene visits that best fits your needs. Most patients benefit from routine teeth cleaning and examinations.

Maintain Your Healthy Smile

It is very important for you to maintain good oral hygiene with simple, daily preventive care. Proper brushing and flossing daily will stop dental issues before they develop. In addition, there are things you can do to reduce the risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease and other dental problems. These include eating a healthy diet and limiting the sugar in your diet.

Dental Fillings

One of the most common dental treatments is a dental filling. At some point, most adult patients will need to have a tooth filled. We offer a variety of options, however in most cases, we will use a tooth coloured – or “white filling”, for the most natural, discreet look.

Benefits of Tooth-Coloured Dental Fillings

  • Bonded directly to teeth for maximum strength
  • Virtually invisible
  • Mercury free, metal free
  • More conservative, less tooth preparation required

A tooth coloured filling can either be prepared by using a biocompatible resin material that is applied directly to the tooth. This is often the restoration of choice for patients with minor tooth decay or damage. Dr. Buckle may also use a porcelain restoration – known as a dental inlay or dental onlay. These are used in cases where there is more significant damage or decay.

Replacing Metal Dental Fillings

Many patients with old, broken-down amalgam (silver) fillings, come to us to have them replaced with white fillings for a more comfortable and natural looking restoration. Eliminating the dark, black appearance in your teeth can restore your smile and boost your confidence. Modern advances in cosmetic dentistry mean that you no longer need to suffer from unsightly and uncomfortable silver/mercury fillings or metal margins around the gum line.

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Our practice is conveniently located in Wirral near North Wales and Cheshire. If you are looking for a comprehensive dentist in the Liverpool and Wirral area to treat the entire family, contact Buckle Advanced Dental Care for a consultation. Call us at 0151 353 8943, or by filling in the online form.

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