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Before Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment with Dr. Ian Buckle Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment With Wirral Dentist Ian Buckle

“It was with great trepidation that I considered cosmetic dentistry, having been afraid of any dental procedures since childhood. However my teeth were in a sorry state and needed attention. Ian Buckle had been highly recommended, so plucking up courage I asked his advice. Paying very considerate attention to my fears, Ian and his team took me through the journey.

The result is an amazing set of teeth I never thought possible, and I smile to myself that I did it! Thank you Ian it was so worth it. You even let me choose the music!”

Jan Molby

Wirral Dental Implant Patient“Despite Bruce Grobbelaar’s best efforts in recovering my teeth from the football pitch, my mouth was never going to be the same. That injury was the start of 20 years of painful problems for me which only now has been solved. Today I am pain free and my teeth look great. If only I had done this 20 years ago!”

Jan presented with several failing dental crowns and dental bridges. Needing to have several teeth removed, dental implants were chosen as the restoration. A total of 11 dental implants were fitted to be combined with his remaining natural teeth.


Before Dental Implants With Wirral Dentist Dr. Ian Buckle Before Dental Implants With Wirral Dentist Dr. Ian Buckle Before Dental Implants With Wirral Dentist Dr. Ian Buckle


After Dental Implants With Wirral Dentist Dr. Ian Buckle After Dental Implants With Wirral Dentist Dr. Ian Buckle After Dental Implants With Wirral Dentist Dr. Ian Buckle

Caroline Lancelyn Green

Wirral Cosmetic Dentistry Patient“Ive always tried not to smile at cameras. Being conscious of looking like a horse with the amount of gum I use to show and previously photographs made me look either like a rabbit or a witch, depending on the angle. No other dentist has provided anything like the standard of care and treatment I received at Buckle Advanced Dental Care. Now my teeth feel stronger and I’m not afraid of eating anything. I can’t suck my bottom lip with big rabbit teeth any more, so I can’t sulk properly, but then who needs to sulk when I’m not afraid to show every tooth when I smile.”

Caroline from Bebington had undergone numerous treatments over many years to straighten and whiten her teeth, which had been left weakened, discoloured and not as attractive as they had been.

Like many others of her age, she was expecting to have to resort to dentures. She approached Buckle Advanced Dental Care hoping to save at least a few teeth and was delighted when Dr. Buckle explained not only how they could all be preserved, but also made straighter and whiter.

Dr. Buckle reshaped Caroline’s gum line with a laser contouring technique and used a combination of CEREC Inlays and porcelain veneers to remodel Caroline’s smile completely.

Chris Abbot

Wirral Dental Practice Patient “Having completed my course of treatment, I would like to say a huge thank you to you and your team. The results are amazing and my new smile has done so much to improve my confidence. Throughout my visit I have felt incredibly well look after and safe – something that was very important for someone who was nervous of having the work done. Now complete, the decision to go ahead with the treatment was one of the best choices I have ever made.”


Cosmetic Dentistry Patient of Wirral Dentist Dr. Ian Buckle“My new smile is fantastic! I can’t stop smiling. Why didn’t I do this years ago, I ask myself. Thanks so much for everything…you simply don’t realize how much more confidence I have.”

Teresa came to Buckle Advanced Dental Care for cosmetic dentistry services because she was unhappy with the appearance of her smile. Wanting a younger looking, whiter teeth that still looked natural, we recommended ten porcelain veneers to improve her smile.

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